Each story available for scrolling is free to read during its posting period.


If you would like to download a PDF or E pub of one of the stories or novels, for your personal viewing, please send an email request to hap.tivey@gmail.com


Example of a Request:


I would like to request a share for: (title of the text here, for example: Terminal Room)


I understand that all material available as a share is copyright protected and no text or image may be copied or distributed without written permission from Hap Tivey. (Please include this statement in your request.)


This is the email where I can receive a Google Drive share notice: (your email address here).




(In the future a drop-box share will also become available.)


You should receive a notice inviting you to view the requested material. In some cases the material will have options for viewing. Choose the format you think will work best with your viewing device. This offer is intended only as a download for your personal reading pleasure. If you would like to use text or images, or you would like to share this with a friend, please contact Hap Tivey at the email address listed above. Printed versions of the novels are available that may include  prints. Editions of signed prints are also available.